30 Ways on How To Make Genuine Money

30 Ways to Make Money

30 Ways on How To Make Genuine Money. This is how one can make money. Most economies in the world both developed and developing ones are struggling following the situation in Russia and Ukraine. Countries are going through a hard kind of experience that their citizens struggle to make sure that ends meet. The online businesses could help reduce the tension at least for sometime. 


Apart from the conflict that is disturbing the world economy, it is a fact that no country in the world has zero unemployment problem. All countries in the world have citizens that are search for a job because they don’t have one. It is completely normal for such a situation to be experienced by any economy. It happens both in the rural areas as well as in the Urban. There are people everywhere looking for a jobs; you can be one of those individuals who come up with solutions.

Conducive Environment

Providing jobs or making a conducive environment for citizens to find a job is the responsibility of a government. Governments all over the world have the responsibility of providing jobs to their citizens. The first and most important thing that a government does is to prepare her citizens through provision of education. The citizens who are well educated find jobs and others become creators of jobs. Therefore, the best and surest way to reduce unemployment amongst citizens is to educate them well.


Era of Internet

However, it is necessary to notice that we are in the era of the internet. In the epoch of the internet great things are done over the internet. Being the case, citizens all over the world can find or create job opportunities over the internet. There are various works that people can be able to create over the internet. There are various websites that suggest the different jobs that an individual can engage with and be able to make legal and genuine money.


There are many activities that can enable one make genuine money online. These come up as individuals strive to use their talents properly. You may join those who put their talents at other people’s services. These talents are discovered by fellow human beings and so they could be replicated anywhere in the world by fellow human beings. Some of the activities suggested include the following list but not limited to these ideas that are suggested by the shopif.com, forbes.com website:


List of 30 Ways to Make Money Online

1. Start a drop shipping business
2. Start print on demand
3. Create custom products to sell online
4. Sell on Etsy
5. Sell on Amazon
6. Sell digital products
7. Sell media
8. Start Blogging
9. Start affiliate marketing
10. Create online courses and workshops
11. Start Freelancing
12. Start a YouTube channel
13. Become an influencer
14. Write ebooks
15. Look for side gigs
16. Do translation work
17. Sell stuff online
18. Livestream on Twitch
19. Take online surveys
20. Sell photos online
21. Become a social media consultant
22. Start a podcast
23. Become a transcriber
24. Review apps, websites, and software
25. Narrate audiobooks
26. Become an Airbnb Host
27. Buy and sell domain names
28. Invest in real estate
29. Invest in the metaverse
30. Become an online tutor


The mentioned ideas above are applicable to some places; the idea is one may pick those that are applicable in their areas and put them to work. Otherwise, the list is meant to stimulate your mind so that you come up with your own original ideas for self employment and thus make your genuine money and so contribute to reduction of unemployment rate across the globe.

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