5 Voices to Reduce Poverty in the World

5 Voices to Reduce Poverty in the World. The world where we live in has so much resources enough for all human beings who live in it. The resources are enough for all of us human beings to share and live peaceful without the ongoing unnecessary conflicts. The conflicts and wars in the world are there due to selfishness and egoism.

In an article how to reduce poverty in the world an article written

It’s stunning reality that can leave us feeling helpless at times.  Poverty, however, can and must be combated. 
Dr. Dennis Labayen, Field Operations Director, discovered five effective approaches to combat poverty. Dennis has been working since 1973 to find long-term solution to poverty in many impoverished places around the world. 
Dennis and his colleagues have refined an approach known as Participatory Human Development after years of research and application. 

Fighting Poverty

The process is so effective that other non-governmental organizations are being taught in it and adopting similar practices.
People who are directly touched by poverty problems or concerns in their community must actively and truly participate in their efforts to combat poverty. This means that the individuals impacted will be the primary participants in the anti-poverty intervention. Formal leaders, as well as individuals affected, must be consulted. Their point of view should be considered, and they should be included in the process of addressing and resolving the challenges they encounter.

Voices to Create community Outreach

Create a community-wide organized group to assist many people rather than just a few. Rather than engaging with individuals, an organization can support collective and organized efforts to assist build and empower people in poverty. This indicates that providing aid to individuals impacted alone is insufficient; instead, via collective organization, each individual is developed and actions are taken to address their difficulties and other problems in the future. Once the members of community have experience of problem solving then they can address any problem that will face them.

Voices of People themselves fight poverty

The people who are affected must identify the problems. It is more effective when difficulties and problems are identified by those who are confronted with them. They begin to develop self-confidence and ability as they collaborate on small challenges. This means that their early efforts and experiences can be used to increasingly complicated difficulties and issues. The affected people acquire self-confidence and the ability to detect other issues that need to be addressed by identifying and acting on their original uncomplicated challenges or problems.


Though externally introduced programs can help alleviate some of the affects of poverty, such projects are unlikely to be perpetuated or maintained unless people actively participate in integrating these projects with their own stated difficulties and problems.


Voices of Solution is within

People living in poverty must recognize that they can frequently confront and fix their own problems. 
In order to sustain their joint efforts and solve future difficulties, affected persons going through the process of battling poverty need  have higher level of consciousness about their condition and their own capacities. The people need to sensitize each other of the problems facing their community around. Sensitization alone is not sufficient; the people need to take charge of their problems and solve them.

Voices on War Against Poverty

Fighting poverty takes time. The process of fighting poverty is not simple, especially since a deep personal transformation needs to take place in those affected. It takes time to empower and facilitate affected people so they can become actors of their own development. The people need only be told about their problems and then the rest can follow. The people themselves through their meetings they can resolve many of their problems and find solution.

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