African University Graduates and Employment opportunities

African university

University Graduates and Employment. Africa is regarded as a young continent in the world. It is seen as young when compared with other continents of Asia and Europe. But in reality one would say Africa is not as young as people from other continents portray it. It is in Africa that the fossils of the oldest being, who is said to be the ancestor of human beings, were found.


At Oldu pai George, the remains of what could the oldest ancestor of human beings were unearthed. The fossils of earliest human beings being dug in Africa means that Africa is not the youngest continent in the world as it houses the oldest ancestor of human beings.

Africa has the lowest number of students joining university studies. That being the case then one would think that the small number of those university studies would all be employed upon completing their studies. Alas! That is not the case in the continent. The young people who graduate from university studies do not get employed; they are few and yet they don’t get absorbed by the employment market. This situation begs for a question why don’t university graduates in African get employed after their university studies? The reasons are many and pertinent.

Employment by African University

The reasons as to why the youth don’t get employed are many. Some of them include but not limited to poor economy, skills mismatch, lack of important soft skills. University graduates in Africa fail to secure employment opportunities because the economies of most African countries do not produce enough job opportunities.

African university
African university

Many African countries are classified by the World Bank as low income countries where by their people have little income, and that the population live on a small amount of money per day. If African economies fail to create employment opportunities then it becomes indeed difficult for young people who graduate from the few universities found in the continent.


Skills in African University

Skills mismatch is critical for graduates in the continent. University graduates lack the needed skills for them to be employed. It happens that the graduates leave school with skills that are not needed in the job market. The fact of mismatch is caused by lack of enough practice when students undergo training, curriculum are not aligned with employers needs. The call to address the matter here is to align the university curriculum with owners of businesses. Moreover, the young graduates are called to give their time in volunteering in companies and other employing organs.

Moreover, university graduates lack some important soft skills which they need them in their daily life. Some of such skills include communicating skills, decision making ability, trust, and much more. These skills are not necessarily taught at schools; they can be acquired through socialization in the society. You fail to develop these skills because some of them cut off from their community as they think they the most educated persons. To improve the situation let the university students socialize with other members of the community.


To address this problem squarely countries are called to change their policies so that they integrate more the private sector. The private sector in the liberal economy is said to be the engine of the economy in the sense that the private sector plays a great role in generating job opportunities for the work force. When that approach is employed then graduate from African countries could find more job opportunities. What do you think about these reasons for African graduates lack of employment, do you agree or disagree with them, please let us share…

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