Dear reader, whatever activity you do here on Earth depends very much on how you think about it. Any activity that you want it to bring you success in life is dependent on your attitude; that is it waits on how you think about the activity and the out come.  This is true to both rural as well as urban people.

Since attitude is a necessary DNA for success, then this is what we need to talk about with people who are struggling to move out of poverty. Since poverty in many African countries is a rural phenomenon, then I suggest rural people in the continent be taught first how to change their attitude for  being able to move out of poverty and thus live a health and rich life.


A great leader and author, the late Anthony De Mello taught us about attitude and development and this is what he had to say about:

To a disciple who complained of his
limitations, the Master said, You
are limited indeed. But have you
noticed you can do things today
that you would have thought
impossible fifteen years ago?

What changed?”
“My talents changed.”
“No. You Changed.”
“Isn’t that the same thing?”
“No. You are what you think
you are. When your thinking
changed you changed”

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