Diamond Platnumz is a young artist in Bongo flava; a music mainly by and for youth. Diamond has been producing great songs that attract many young people. Diamond is becoming an inspirational young person to fellow youth and this is indeed a great thing for one who wishes to contribute in their community. Back in 2017 Diamond Platnumz in cooperation with another musician Morgan Heritage released his song known as Hallellujah. In this article I present you an article written back then, enjoy the read.

On this morning of the second day of October 2017, the song Hallelujah by Diamond Platnumz ft Morgan Heritage which was published on 28th September 2017 has over 2.5 million viewers. The huge number of viewers is indeed interesting as it calls for an explanation.

What is of great interest to people about the song Hallelujah? Is Diamond singing a religious song or what is he actually doing in the video? This is not the first time that a video by Diamond attracts such a huge audience; he has several videos that have attracted as many viewers in such a short period of time.

Diamond with several other Tanzanian artists such as Alikiba have videos that attract millions of viewers; the question that one might wish to ask is what is the content of their videos, are there important lessons that they pass to society or is it simply about leisure? What type of leisure is it? Constructive or destructive?

This question brings us back to Diamond and Hallelujah. What does Hallelujah mean?

The word could have several meanings although the first use is religious: in Judaism, it has its own meaning, in Christianity, it has its own meaning as well and in modern English, it is used as an expression of happiness such as a thing that was waited for has eventually happened. This is according to wikipedia-

In this context, it is important to know what exactly does Hallelujah mean in BongoFlava! It is Diamond who can give us a plausible explanation! Until then let the analyses continue. Life is about being happy, however, without hurting others… take it easy, please! Enjoy life and be happy!

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