Existentialism: The number 1 Choice to live your life the way you like!


Existentialism: The number 1 Choice to live your life the way you like!. Existentialism is a philosophical school of thought which emphasizes the existence of an individual person as a free and responsible agent determining their own development through acts of the will. A human person is a being who is capable of doing whatever they want, whatever they wish.


This school of thought gives you a question are you a human person capable of free choice and stand by your choice? This article is open for any reader who wants to increase their understanding of a human person, who is capable of doing so great things but most of the time the same being does not know their capability.

Excess industrialization?

Existentialism developed as a result of excess of high industrialization and the evil effect of the development of science and technology and industries; during industrialization, the emphasis was put on maximization of profit. The dignity of a human person was not cared for it was not the interest of the factories owners; for them it was profit which was their main agenda. Some people said that such a situation of highly industrialization was dehumanizing them and so existentialism developed as a reaction to it. Existentialism wanted to speak for the human person.


Most philosophers in this school of thought come up with personal attitudes; they don’t want labels they want to appear as individuals. But they have some common elements. One thing to know is that their philosophy is that of human existence, they are taking human being in his concrete sense. They take human being in their concrete sense- The quality of an individual’s life; they deal with a human person they deal with a human being who can be experienced here and now. They are not dealing with an abstract man. They deal with a man not man.


They try to define a man. To deal with that they write novels, autobiographies the most fundamental principle that existentialists find in man is that: Man is a free and Self-determined being- Man chooses what S/he is, what s/he wants to be. Man is nothing else but what he makes of himself. Each individual is unique and so one’s personality cannot be duplicated. Man has to choose what he wants to be. This issue is put forth before you, as you read this article you have to decide what you want to do in life…

School of thought

Philosophers in this school of thought know that this individual person though free, they are aware that this person is surrounded by blocks which are around him/ her the blocks are political, social, economic, but it is upon a human person to choose to oppose, confront the blocks or another choice is that of conforming with the situation. This is what you dear reader should ask yourself, what do you choose; confronting the situation or conforming to it?


The choice is all yours. The beauty about this school of thought is that one is free to become what they want in life. It is a choice that one makes in their life and live for the rest of their life even though they could change at any moment in life.

Free choice

The element of free choice is an important and most fundamental but there is a condition along if that FULL RESPONSIBILITY for each choice has its own consequences. If one is trying to avoid the responsibility, consequences of his free choice then that is wrong. The freedom in man sometimes brings about anguish, fear, anxiety. Man has also got open possibilities that is he can fulfill other things. As a human person you are full of potential; your task is that of actualizing the potential in you so that you are capable of attaining happiness in life.


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