South Africa for sometime now has been the second largest economy in Africa. In deed, South Africa is one of the biggest economies in the African continent. In the past few years it has been either the first or second largest economy in the continent exchanging with Nigeria.


South Africa one of  the leading country producers of a number of minerals such as Gold, Platnum, coal and on and on is so rich in history both beautiful and ugly ones as well. It is in South Africa that you find the largest number of Nobel prize winners in the African continent starting with Albert Luthuli, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Frederik Willem de Klerk, Nadine Gordimer and the list goes on.


It is the same country that its people suffered so much during the time of white minority rule. Up until 1990s the South Africans and more especially the black South Africans lived like citizens of a lower level as compared to their white country men/women. When Mandela was finally released from prison and finally elected as the first black South African president, it is then that at least at the theoretical level people became equal. With Time the country has been working hard in trying to meet the needs of majority black people who were some how forgotten by the minority apartheid rule.

South Africa
South Africa

The apartheid regime automatically created classes of the rich and the poor. Like in many other African countries the majority poor people in South Africa are also found in the rural where they are poor socio-economic facilities as compared to the urban settings. It is thanks to the difference between the urban and rural areas that the South African government decided to empower the poor by assisting the less privileged citizens with facilities that improve the living standards.


In the past 20 years since democratic election and independence, the government has been busy working on necessary facilities that would improve the lives of people such as provision of equal and standard education to all citizens, improving health facilities, working on water accessibility, availability of reliable source of energy, in general improving all socio-economic infrastructure.


The rural settings of South Africa appear to be better off than rural areas of other African countries however, they, South African rural settings, especially in the Eastern Province, are still poor and need attention to improve the level of living standards of the people. Improving rural people in the world.

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