How To Think As University Students and Impact to African Development

How to think As University students. University students is an important group of individuals in a society. They are important because they need to train for the benefits of the society. Here is a new book for them as they need to sharpen their minds: How to Think As University Student aims to impact University students and all learned fellows positively. It intends to ignite in them the spirit of exploration, development of their hidden potential, and assist their correct thinking as intellectuals.


The book has been inspired by findings of various academic and professional researches on issues related to graduates and employment opportunities. The reviewed literature investigated on graduates in East Africa specifically in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda; Western Africa in Nigeria and Southern African in South Africa. The findings revealed that many graduates failed to secure employment opportunities because they lacked important skills despite their university education. The increase in unemployment levels in sub-Sahara Africa is caused by various reasons including a severe lack of vital soft skills that are not taught at school


The book recounts the mission, raison d’être and purpose of establishing universities. It details the evolution of the tertiary level of education in Europe, America and Africa. It analyses the efficiency of skills transmitted to graduates in European and American universities. The chapter proposes African universities adopt and adapt the pragmatic American university model. Since many universities in the world do not teach necessary soft skills to students, this oeuvre proposes the learning of several skills which facilitate self-knowledge, one’s value and thirst to live a fulfilled life.


University Students – self – knowledge

Self-knowledge is the mother of all life skills. It enables an individual know for sure who s/he is and what s/he is not. Through practical means and experiences from other individuals who have succeeded in their paths; you can be able to succeed in yours too. Self-knowledge opens to you the ocean of possibilities as you come to know yourself better and fully.

Moreover, the book proposes the learning of necessary thinking tools. The seven soft skills that you need them in everyday life are independent thinking, logical thinking, critical thinking, strategic thinking, creative thinking, positive thinking and thinking in systems.


University Students – Independent Thinking

Independent thinking occurs when you produce own original thoughts after doing your mental assignment in the mind. It is the ability of an individual to be able to think on their own and present their thoughts before others. Independent thinking is the capacity to employ rationality, neutral and objective view on all issues concerning spheres of life: social problems, organizational affairs, team work affairs and individual problems. The book suggests means that you could use to improve your ability to acquire the skill.


University Students – Logic

Logic is a skill enabling you to think effectively, analyze, argue and communicate systematically, clearly and make sense. It is a skill that informs all other disciplines and our daily life. Logic is a necessary skill but not taught in many countries in the world; the book suggests methods you can use to acquire or improve your logic skills.


University Students- Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking is another skill discussed extensively which enables a person to think clearly and rationally while understanding the logical connection between ideas. It is a skill involving several other skills specifically reflective and independent thinking. Critical thinking aims at attaining the best possible outcome in any argument. It is also regarded as the ability to analyze information objectively and make reasoned judgment and decisions. In order to do so; it collects and assesses information from many different sources. The book proposes a path that you may use to sharpen your critical thinking skills so that you become more effective in this and related areas.

American Students at Oxford
American Students at Oxford

University Students – Strategic Skills

Strategy is the skill that enables you to examine the current situation, organize the resources around and be able to move to the future with those resources. Moreover, strategy could be taken as the ability to move from where you are to where you want to be; smart strategy is the shortest route to desirable ends with available means.

University Students – Creative Thinking

Creative thinking is yet another skill discussed in the book; the book presents it as the ability to reflect, look at issues differently, and be able to find new ways of solving problems. Moreover, creative thinking is not a professional activity but rather creative thinking is about creating yourself, creating a much better future and taking opportunities that right now you are missing them. How can you do that? The book presents you the steps you can take to become a creative thinker.

University Students – Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is a mental attitude in which an individual anticipates hopes or waits for good things to happen to him/her. A positive mind hopes for happiness, health and happy ending in all undertakings. Positive thinking means approaching life tasks with a positive approach. It does not mean avoiding bad things, rather it extracts good sides of things even in bad situations, looking at the best sides of other individuals, and seeing yourself and your capabilities in a positive attitude. This work provides the means through which you can train your mind to be more positive and benefit from that kind of thinking.

University Students – Thinking in Systems

Thinking in systems is an investigative tool for examining problems more completely and accurately before acting. It empowers us with better questions before making conclusions. It starts with observation of collected data to identify patterns of behavior accrued overtime revealing to us the underlying structures that determine the data and pattern. By understanding and changing structures that do not operate well, we can increase choices and create more fulfilling, long-term solutions to chronic problems. Thinking in systems demands you to possess certain qualities: curiosity, kindness, clarity, choice and courage. Thinking in systems involves the readiness to view a situation as a whole, to realize that we are interrelated, to admit that there are multiple interventions to problems.

University Students – Purpose of life

Purpose of life is the reason of you being alive; it is the essence of being in existence for you. It is the raison d’être of you being in the world. It is that which you need to do. That means each and every human person including you is here on earth for a specific purpose. Every individual is unique and thus his/her raison d’être is also unique different from everybody else’s. The task before you is to know what your purpose in life is. Even as you are breathing right now within you there is a purpose for you being alive; you may or may not know about it, all the same there is still a purpose for you being there. What is that purpose? That is your life time task which if you want to live a meaningful life then you should know and live it before you die.


I hope the pages of this book will be useful and help you cultivate the skills that you are short of and create those that you completely lack while they are needed to helping you attain happiness in life. I wish you the best of luck and enjoy the reading.

You may find your copy from the Amazon outlet: https://www.amazon.com/HOW-THINK-AS-UNIVERSITY-STUDENT/dp/9987912362

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