Knowing Me 1 Alone, Knowing My World!

Knowing My world.

Knowing My world. This article is so necessary that it tells what a real human person is: A human person is in the world for a specific purpose that he has to accomplish before he or she dies. A human person is unique and indeed made up in special ways as compared to other living beings. In the story of creation in the holy books; a human being was created the last so that he dominates all that he found in the world; this is my own interpretation. Human being is a combination of man and woman; they depend on each other and indeed complement one another.

Since a human person has the task of dominating and taking care of the world then he has a serious homework of knowing himself first. If s/he wishes to fulfill well his task then he has to know himself really well. In this article we propose six ways that you as part of the human family have to fulfill so as to meet the task that is before you. The ways I propose to you are as follows: know your body, know your spiritual life, know your personality, know your core values, know your dreams, know your likes and dislikes.

1. Know your body


On knowing your body, you might think it is only a subject for teenagers who are growing up and are discovering amazing issues  and changes about their bodies from child hood to adulthood. Yes indeed, it is necessary for youth to get to know themselves fully. As for you an adult, no matter what age group you belong to, you need to know your body too.


Your body operates in so much amazing ways that you can pick on how it operates and use the coordinate to operate in your personal daily activities. Your body has several systems which function harmoniously to bring together a totality of human activities. The different systems include respiratory system, digestive system, reproductive system, excretion system, skeletal system and so on.


2. Know your spiritual life


In ancient Greek philosophy, and in the following years, one major argument was always about the subject of a human person. Some claim that a person is one entity while others argue he is composed of body and soul; there is monism and dualism as far as a human person is concerned.

I also conquer with the understanding that a human person falls under dualism; he has body and soul. Both of these parts of a human person body and soul have their needs which need to be fulfilled. Most of us know the needs of the body such as food, drinks, shelter,  clothing and we meet those needs easily. However, we forget about the other part of our body the spiritual life. You have to know the needs of the soul and meet them so that you are able to live a balanced lifestyle.


3. Know your personality


Knowing yourself is essential for you to become what you wish to be. It is necessary you come up with a sieve to help you sort out what is real about you and what people say about you.

Collect all important data about you. You have to collect all information about you from others. It is possible that others have information about you that you don’t have; Collect all that information and compare and or complement with what you have about yourself.


4. Know your core values


Morality comes from ethics which guides us how to live well with others. It informs us, it informs you that this is right do it or that is wrong avoid it, and so on. Values help define you as a person; and these guide and or accompany you in different areas. It could be at home, at work place, place of worship, and in all aspects of life in general.

Normally core values are those that you are not willing to give up on them no matter what happens to you. The values could be honesty, truthfulness, loyalty, wisdom, fear of God, respect of others and so on. It is necessary you know your core values so that you know how you live with others keeping your boundary while respecting them too.


5. Know your dreams


Knowing your dreams is necessary and indeed important. Knowing your dreams helps shape your future life. It is important to know what your dreams are and be able to pursue them. Do not take it lightly, take and follow your dreams seriously, get to know it better as you may wish to perfect it /them and live your life accordingly.

If you intend to become a teacher as your dream for instance, think and scrutinize what kind of a teacher and in what level of education do you want to render your service? Do you want to teach at primary school level, secondary school, college or university? Search to know what are demands in the field that you wish to live your dream/s in… and then there you will be ready to move on…


6. Know your likes and dislike


It is important you know what your likes and dislikes are so that you are able to move on well with your life with little or minimized quarrels. Knowing what you like and dislike will make your life more interesting as you will do what you like and avoid what you dislike.


If you wish, you may even alert others about this aspect of your life so that in most cases you will live a peaceful and meaningful life. I wish you all the best as you work out to finding out what you like and what you dislike so as to improve your life and be able to actualize and contribute fully to human life.

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