100% “Man Know thyself” matters today too

Know thyself Athenian

Thousands of years ago Socrates told youth in the streets of Athens, “know thyself” knowing one self is the path to success in life. When one knows himself or herself that becomes the beginning of so much important issues in life. In fact the knowledge of thyself opens the treasure of resources and tools that one needs in life.

Today’s youth know thyself

What Socrates told the youth of Athens in the past matters today too. The young people especially today need and very much have the obligation of searching and knowing discovering and knowing themselves. Today, we live in the world that tends to have one culture fits all. It is not a good approach to life. in the real sense we should encourage people to be as much as possible different. The more different we are the more rich in culture we become. All that is possible when one knows thyself.


Parents and the call of know thyself

The call for individual to know themselves led to the discoveries, innovations and much more in the history of human beings. Parents have a role to play when it comes to the process of enabling youth to know themselves. The parents have the task of discovering the talents of their children right from childhood. Parents have to note what their children seem to be interested when they are young and they have to assist or direct them toward their true vocation or call in life.

know thyself
know thyself

Education and the call of know thyself

The system of education that we have in our countries needs to focus on the training of a young person toward the discovery of their talents.  The education we give to our pupils and students should be so formative that these young men and women will become contributive individuals to their communities. It is through the studies they take that they should be able to acquire new skills but also be able to discover their true talents in life and thus contribute significantly to people development.


When one knows himself it becomes easily for this person to discover his talents, it becomes easily for him to know his weaknesses. In the course of being conversant with all that fact one becomes ready to contribute to his community and to the human race in general. Thus I welcome you dear reader to the practice of this Socratic call. The Socratic call is complemented by an old saying, knowing the cause of a problem is same as having half of the solution.

If there are individuals who were able to know themselves one of  them is a great Jesuit priest who wrote enormously in his life and his writings are simple but full of wisdom lesson to pick from. In his great writings Anthony de Mello, one of his great pieces is One Minute Wisdom, on Withdrawal which speaks to the title above argues:


“How shall I help the world”

“By understanding it.” said the Master

“And how shall I understand it?”

“By turning away from it.”

“How then shall I serve humanity?”

“By understanding yourself.”

This is a great piece of wisdom from that talent. If one wishes to serve fellow human beings: family, friends and the entire human race then there is need and it is indeed necessary to know and understand oneself.  In knowing oneself  then you are able to know your strength and limitations. It is through that process that we come to life our life to the fullest. That is my call to you today, know yourself well and open all possibilities which are embedded in you. Good day!

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