Mass shootings and gun laws in America

Mass shootings. In the world of academic and in schools of thoughts free thoughts are really important and necessary. Free thinking requires freedom of thoughts; all ideas are accepted as all human beings are respected.

My thoughts in this article are triggered by the recent mass shooting incident in America. The incident led to the loss of huge number of innocent lives. It is really sad. It is sad not because many lives were lost but because those individuals were innocent. Every human life counts and so even the life of one individual counts and matters.

The incident happened when a young person armed with automatic weapon carried his weapon to a school and started shooting at innocent individuals most little primary school children. It is said that the shooter had bought his gun/s recently as he reached the allowed age to buy a gun.

America is a fascinating society it believes in freedom and defense of an individual. Such believes and principles are driven from philosophical principles of the dignity of a human person which allows or encourages individualism, property ownership and much more. In the process of private property ownership it facilitates then that this individual should be able to protect his property. Moreover, the American society encourages individuals to own their own weapons and thus legally any America citizen who is crime free may possess weapons. It is in that logic that the young man was allowed to buy his gun after becoming eighteen.

America is an industrialized society that manufactures a lot of goods guns being part of the products. An industrialized society needs have consumers. Weapon manufacturing is a big business in America which requires consumers. Being an industrialized economy and in need of consumers, America needs more consumers to buy the guns it produces. The selling of guns to individuals who have attained the required age makes one feel great and sense the American spirit.

However, those of us outside of the American society wonders of what is really happening in America. The website reported that the Texas state’s Republican attorney general, Ken Paxton, argued that the best way to prevent such a horror from happening again would have been to arm the school’s staff.

He argued “We can’t stop bad people from doing bad things. We can potentially arm and prepare and train teachers and other administrators to respond quickly,” he said on Fox News. Therefore, the law man thinks that what should be done is to arm the teaching staff so that they can defend themselves and the children. What the law man is saying is more weapon should be bought to prevent bad people using guns badly such as solution is definitely expected from a consumerist society. Otherwise an alternative solution would be to revisit the laws that allow individuals to buy guns in the American society.

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