Possible 2 Realities: The Urban Rural Migration definition

Migration definition. Possible 2 Realities: The Urban Rural Migration definition. True human development in Africa will be possible when the Urban Rural migration comes into effect. Poverty in sub Sahara Africa is said to be a rural affair. Most rural people are said to be poor as poverty in the continent is almost synonymous to rural settings. The rural residents in many African countries lack important social services. There are some rural settings where there is accessibility to clean and safe water. To get water the dwellers, who in most cases are women, have to travel long distances in search of the same.


Poverty in Rural Africa – migration definition

There are villages that have school and the children who have attained the school attending age, at times as young as 5 or 6years of age have to travel several kilometers away from their home. Some villages lack health facilities for health care. Electricity is a thing of imagination as many of them have never used it. In a nutshell, such a condition will continue to stimulate the migration of rural to urban. When in african countries we attain the level of where people will start moving from urban to rural then there we will have been able to progress.

migration definition
migration definition


Agricultural infrastructure – migration definition

The poverty literature reveals that Poverty in Africa is a rural affair; the people in the rural areas deal mostly with agriculture. Agriculture is a great wealth creator in the world; it is a sector that creates employment opportunities to large number of individuals in the rural settings. The problem with Africa is that the agricultural infrastructure in the continent is poor and thus leads to poor harvest and hence poverty to farmers and the continent as a whole as the type of African agriculture engages a large number of people.

migration definition
migration definition

It is good news to know that the African agriculture absorbs a large number of the labour force in the continent. That being the case we need to capitalise on that fact as an assert. Economist Arthur Lewis argues that in Africa there is so much unproductive force which, according to him needs to be sent to the industries for much production and thus doing that repeatedly will witness the continent graduate from poverty. However, we encourage construction of processing industries where the raw materials are or close to them depending on other factors including electricity and the transportation network.


Urban rural migration definition

Africa can end poverty and lead to first world Urban Rural migration which is contrary to world currents as the practice is the migration is from rural to urban as many countries in the world are globalized and fast becoming more urbanized. In Africa we can reverse the situation that is instead of people, especially the youth, moving from rural to urban, the course can change. The migration becomes from urban to rural which will mean that the rural has so much developed.


In order for the Urban Rural migration definition to be a reality there is then need of modernizing agriculture. When agriculture is modernized then real human development would be attained and the Urban Rural migration will be realistic. The urban rural migration will be possible only when African governments will come to their senses and start processing the many crops produced in our mother land. As the situation is right now, the crops in Africa are produced to be sold to other continents and to other countries. This practice has no difference with what colonialists did  when they governed our countries by force.

Now that we are independent countries, it is important we think of processing the produce from our farmers’ farms and thus live the slogan eat what you produce and not the other way round. When we start processing our own food in the rural areas thus when the urban rural migration will be possible. Let us join hands to facilitate the urban rural migration.

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