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Mtwara is one among  the 26 regions of Tanzania. It is situated in the south Eastern part of the country. Mtwara is located in Tanzania country, in the African continent.  In terms of latitude and longitude, the  coordinates for Mtwara are: 10°16’0.01″S, 40°10’59.99″E. Latitude position: Equator ⇐ 1142km (709mi) ⇐ Mtwara ⇒ 8866km (5509mi) ⇒ South pole. Longitude position: Prime meridian ⇒ 4393km (2730mi) ⇒ Mtwara. GMT: +3h. In fact Mtwara has the most eastern part of the country. The official website and thus home of official regional government information and activities is this one.


In the 1940s, Mtwara was planned and constructed as the export facility for the disastrous Tanganyika groundnut scheme, but was somewhat neglected when the scheme was abandoned in 1951. Why was the project abandoned? This subject calls for more investigation. The city is spread out over a large area planned to accommodate a certain number of people. The present population  according to the 2022 national census is about 1,600,000.  Towns could planned depending on the present actual needs even though they should be planned in advance. City planners usually project and plan for a town for given period of time and for a certain number of people.



Mtwara is a municipal made up of two entities Mtwara and Mikindani. As part of the development associated with the failed Tanganyika groundnut scheme, Mtwara features a deep-water port that can accommodate ocean-going vessels, and a range of large municipal buildings, including a post office. Recent improvements in the port made it possible for big container ships to berth there. In fact this is the third in the order of importance here in Tanzania. It comes behind only the Dar es Salaam and Tanga ports.




Mtwara has good transport links that connects it with the rest of the country . It is linked by paved roads with Dar es Salaam and Lindi to the north and Masasi inland and by partially paved roads to Newala in-land to the west. Beyond Masasi the road is newly paved for some good amount of kilometers towards Tunduru and the Unity Bridge which provides a crossing point to the neighboring country of Mozambique.



Mtwara is among the regions in the country that have an airport. The airport is now being repaired so as to improve it capacity in the run way. It features an airport with a paved runway that can accommodate medium size passenger jets. Precision Air runs a daily morning flight between Mtwara Airport and Dar es Salaam and Air Tanzania offers a flight in the afternoon. The flight time is around an hour.



Mtwara serves as the access point for a small but growing tourism industry based in nearby Mikindani. New roads of a good standard were being built in 2013 within the city. There is a choice of bus companies which provide daily services between Mtwara and Dar es Salaam. Recently, new direct routes from Mtwara to Dodoma, Mtwara to Tanga, Mtwara to Morogoro  have been established and thus facilitating bus transportation with high efficiency. The establishment of those direct routes give more choices to travellers.  Moreover, there several daily trips of  buses going to Masasi, the biggest town inland from Mtwara.


Health Facilities

Mtwara has a large regional  referral hospital known as Ligula . The hospital offers all kind of health services needed by the local population. Since Mtwara borders with Mozambique some patients do come from the neighboring country for treatment too. The hospital serves all districts of the region. Recently the government build a zonal referral hospital that when is fully capacity should be able to give service to several regions of the southern zone.



Mtwara region is one of the regions with a university college in it. Stella Maris Mtwara University College (STeMMUCo) is a higher learning institution situated in the region. It offers a variety of academic programmes from certificate, diploma and degree ones. The college was established in 2009 and since then it has had a great impact to the region. A good number of teachers in the region have been trained in the college. Some graduates who finished their studies decided to establish their life in Mtwara. Moreover, during teachers training field work many teacher -students are distributed to different schools all over the region of Mtwara.



Mtwara is attractive for its natural beaches found at Msanga Mkuu, Mnazi bay and many more. It is Mtwara that leads in the production of the beautiful  cashew nut. When one visits Mtwara they can see the whole procedure of growing the cash crop and how it contributes in improving peoples’ lives.


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