Poverty House in 2020 And Youth Business in Life

What to do in Life?

Poverty House in 2020 And Youth Business in Life. What to do in Life? In life one needs identity from what they do. Some people realize early enough during childhood what their mission in life is whereas others delay. Through the help of parents or other elders who have known their capabilities since childhood. It is very useful for both children and elders to know the strength of their children while they are young so that when they grow to the age of working, it becomes easy for them to choose or direct them how to choose a career in life.

Business needs and Poverty House

What kind of business should a young person get involved with? This is an important question that any person is supposed to ask him/herself since relatively young age. This is indeed important and yet many young people in the least developed countries don’t get the opportunity to ask themselves this question when they are still young.

This is a big loss to these countries and to the world as a whole. If the young people in the developing countries had the opportunity of getting to know early in life what they are supposed to be doing in life, or what they are capable of, then the world would have been so much enriched by many talents which remain undeveloped. There are several factors that lead people live without a well-defined purpose. we share with you two of the reasons which are intertwined. One is, parents’ illiteracy about life purposes, and two the philosophy of education in many least developed countries.

Parents and Poverty House

Most parents ( we do not have statistics though) in the least developed countries do not have specific knowledge about their children’s talents, and on how they can exploit them to make sense in life. Parents do not have the skills on how to help their children turn their talents into successful sources of income. Many children and people for that matter, in the words of Dr. Myles, die with their talents uncovered. Deaths of people with uncovered talents is a big loss to those countries and to the world at large, because some die with their untapped engineering skills, mathematical skills, music skills, and much more talents.

Poverty House
Poverty House

Young people dreams and Poverty House

The other reason for young people failing to discover their talents is weak education philosophies in those countries. Countries need to have defined education philosophy that guides a people and so help them realize their potentials and put them to use for the benefit of their communities and the world as a whole. For in instance in the past, Tanzania had a philosophy of Education for self-reliance.

This philosophy as it reads is self-explanatory; one upon completion of their primary studies that is at the age of around 13 or 14 came out of school with some kind of skills that could enable the young person employ themselves or at least could be able to make something from the acquired skills.

The many discoveries and inventions that have been put to light by individuals, benefit the whole of mankind today with no boundaries. Let all countries, more especially the industrialized states, struggle to enable the least developed countries so as to empower their citizens through well-guided education, an education with a good philosophy. Education is indeed important but what kind of education are we talking about? A type of education with a specific philosophy will facilitate the learning of our people, and they will be able to choose their careers early enough in life.

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