Rural Areas Near Me Are Better Than Urban Life In Most Countries

The rural and urban life

Rural Areas Near Me Is Better Than Urban Life In Most Countries; The rural areas near me is typical of its features which are distinct from those of the urban areas. The difference is even more pronounced between developed countries and developing ones. The urban areas are characterized by large characteristics such as: large populations, large infrastructures, large and many shops, shopping malls, entertainment structures such as stadiums, cinema theaters, large and many railways, large roads, large bridges, many large things, without forgetting police stations which are there to enforce peace of people and protection of their properties.

Moreover, the urban has many options and services such as advanced health facilities, schools, accessibility of water, sources of energy: electricity, cooking gas. Life in the Urban generally is looked at as with higher standards as compared to the rural life. While it is true that the rural life has less facilities as compared to the urban life, the rural life is more calm, composed more interesting for certain type of people but in general the rural setting is a place of serenity, low stress and a place where one can enjoy life and thus becoming ideal for those who life taking life easy. There are several reasons that make the rural life more interesting than the urban life:

The cost of living is low  РRural areas near me

In the rural settings most people consume what they produce that is they have their own plantations where people grow their own food. Growing owns food means people eat more natural and so I would say healthier than the urban dwellers who rely of processed food which has artificial ingredients of which some of which is junk food and thus leading to diseases and undesired conditions. In the urban, people have to run up and down to meet deadlines for paying bills which, though it exists in the rural areas, it is less severe in the rural than in the urban.

In the rural the cost of childcare are also small even though they could also be of low standards as compared to the urban. Thus, the rural area in terms of cost is a better place for raise a happy and health family; away from junk food, polluted air, and on and on.

rural areas near me
rural areas near me




Less Crime in the Rural – Rural Areas Near Me

The urban settings have large populations. The many people in the urban, especially in large cities, come from different corners of the world and thus carry with them their different behaviors. Thus in the large populations you also have people who want to earn income without sweating; it is in that process that crimes arise. Though in the rural, you could also find crimes, it is much easier to control it as the population is small and people know each better. Urban settings have definitely more crimes as compared to rural settings, because of large population and advancement in transportation infrastructure of which those commit crimes take good use of the same.

Better sleep time – Rural areas Near me

The urban settings are known for the many activities that one might think they are endless. There are many activities going on all the time that it is almost simply impossible to sleep well. In the urban, there is always movement of vehicles – making noise, movement of people, at time open air concerts, outdoor sports and on and on. That being the case it becomes so difficult for one to have a good sleep in the urban, where as in the rural it is just the opposite; it is an area where one can have good sleep almost all the time. And, we know from health specialist a quality sleep is necessary for a health human person.

Moreover, another advantage of staying in the rural area is that you learn to cooperate with fellow human beings while keeping your distance as well. You also have time to see the sky in its natural clear visible according to the horizon of your eyes. It is now up to you to make your own choice of where you wish to live in? The urban or the rural.

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