The Rural Entrepreneurship and success in Africa!

Rural Entrepreneurship and Success in Africa


Rural Entrepreneurship and Success in Africa. Statistics and various development reports reveal that poverty is a rural phenomenon. Poverty can be reduced and finally eradicated through education. The education that we refer to is that which enables the rural population to dominate his or her environment.


Most rural settings have been formed following a specific reason such following a water body such as a lake, river, well and on and on. When we talk of education as said above is being able to master the environment and make a livelihood out of it.


People surrounded by a lake should be able to carry out economic activities that are related or linked with a lake. We expect to find fishing activities, boat manufacturing (could be both in a traditional or modern way), we expect to find food business; some sort of restaurants modern or local ones but we want to be sure of finding food business going on at that place.

In the course of doing such economic activities then other government activities come in. The government will collect tax in given and acceptable form. Through such activities you have the circulation of money in the village or rural setting. As you have people making money some other economic activities will also emerge. A fisherman making money will wish to sleep on a good bed; that will call for a carpenter, the fisherman will wish to have a modern house; that will call for masonry. And the list goes on and on.


Through mastering the environment, and when the population is ready to have their hands dirty then indeed people will be able to kick poverty out of our rural settings and the whole of the continent. I know what I have said is simpler than the real situation on the ground. However, the basic idea that should stick on our mind is how do I master my environment, discover my talents and make the most out of it.

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