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Rural livelihoods and Poverty Reduction

Poverty Reduction

Poverty Reduction. Most rural areas in Africa, is involved in agriculture as a means of earning a living. Apart from agriculture, there are several other activities that enable rural dwellers to earn an income and thus fight poverty. Some of such activities include: charcoal business, fishing, livestock keeping, small businesses such as selling of clothes and so on.


Agriculture is the major source of livelihood in most African countries. Agriculture in most parts of the continent is seasonal as it depends on rainfalls, which in most parts of the continent, are seasonal except for areas in equatorial region. Agriculture dominates economical activities of most people in the rural settings. It serves for both source of food and nourishment and source for cash.


During dry seasons, there are several livelihood activities which are non-farm activities that take place depending on the nature and climatic condition of an area. In areas where there are trees, young people mostly men engage themselves in a charcoal business. In some other areas young people are involved in brick making activity; they use the same bricks for constructing their houses also selling them.


In some villages, young ladies are involved in clothes selling. They buy them from large towns and nearby cities for selling them in their own villages and in the neighbourhood. Some young ladies are also involved in other small businesses such as selling of fruits, selling of ground nuts, selling of fish and so on. Some of these economic activities perform well and thus help the population to attaining good results; that is generating some income. Thus through such activities some youth have been able to construct modern houses, buy land and do some other important activities.


From the observation, we urge the rural population to have several sources of income generating activities other than only having one. The diverse sources of income would help in the fight against poverty. To help the rural people become even more effective in their different activities, there is need of training them on how to operate best their different activities for much better results in the fight against poverty.



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