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Rural talents and Economic Development

Rural talents

Rural talents. In most Sub-Saharan Africa, studies have revealed and affirmed that 96 percent of all poor people live in the rural areas and that their survival depends almost entirely on agriculture. Even the World Bank report shows that poor people in Africa indeed live in the rural areas, and need the support from the urban and other parts of the world; when we say rural people are poor that means their talents too become hidden and the World cannot benefit from them.


Thus if we want to realize people’s talents, industrialization and consequently, poverty eradication from the continent then rural development through agricultural revolution is inevitable. Rural development can be attained through the following proposed interventions that we suggest:


Agricultural Technology

We need to improve the agriculture technology currently being used in the agriculture sector in the rural areas, and diversify the quality of cultivated crops, empower the extension officers through training, and empower them with working tools so that they reach farmers to disseminate the needed modern agricultural technology. When technology is applied to agriculture then we can be sure of great produce from our farms.


Cooperative Unions

It is known that farmers unions are there and that they are useful to farmers. We now need to strengthen farmers’ cooperative unions and establish them where they don’t exist; let the farmers’ cooperative unions be empowered and speak for farmers’ rights. When cooperative unions are well strengthened they will influence increased productivity and people will have time to practice their talents; talents are practiced when people are satisfied.


Agro-processing Industries

When Farmers are encourage to cultivate well and are given the right technology, they are likely to produce in excess. When they do so that is when there is need of establishing agro processing of their produce. Thus we need to establish agro-processing industries that will guarantee reliable markets to farmers’ crops and also provide employment opportunities in non-farming activities.

One problem that causes food insecurity in Africa is during post harvest. Alot of produce is lot when the harvest is just left like that. We should think of investing in agro processing so that all harvest is well kept and there is sure of food security among the population.


Improved Infrastructures

When agro- processing has been enabled, it is possible that there will be need of transporting the produce; it is there that the infrastructure such as road networks, telecommunication and electricity, which will ensure rapid and reliable transportation of agricultural products and exports from agro-processing industries and increase accessibility to other services timorously.


When the economic development is attained then as we have seen above there could be a possibility of urban rural migration as the rural will be self-satisfied and consequently this will help in people discovering their talents as they will be fulfilled in their basic needs and so it would be possible for them to philosophize, and search for their talents. Finding their talents is great success to the country.



A person who has their basic needs attained reaches the status where they are capable of higher thoughts. It is at that moment that one finds or discovers their talents. When we come to that stage, it is then that we shall realize that talents are everywhere. They could be found in the urban settings because in the urban areas there are more facilities than in the rural areas. However, when the economic development is attained then rural talents will be revealed.  When the rural talents are demonstrated then we are sure of revolutionizing the economy in the continent and people will be happy.

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