The Amazing Unicef Slogan and its impact in 2020 to Children and Youth


The Amazing Unicef Slogan and its impact in 2020 to Children and Youth. Unicef’s slogan “Children should be seen and heard” has been one of the most inspirational slogans in 2020. It encapsulates both the need to pay attention to children’s rights but also their potential. The slogan speaks to a core belief among Unicef workers – that children are not only worthy of respect, but capable of making an incredible impact on society.

In this blog post, we will explore the amazing Unicef slogan and its impact in 2020 to children and youth around the world. We will discuss how it sparked education initiatives as well as efforts to advance human rights for children in various countries. We will also look at how the slogan is being applied in real-world scenarios like gender equality and climate change.

What is the Unicef Slogan?

The Unicef Slogan is “Be the Change” and it encourages children and youth to make positive changes in their lives and communities. The slogan is simple but powerful, and it has helped countless young people around the world to effect change in their own lives and in the lives of others. Be the Change is more than just a phrase; it is a call to action for all of us, no matter our age, to do our part to make the world a better place for everyone.

The Different Types of UNICEF Slogans

When it comes to child welfare and relief, UNICEF is one of the most well-known and respected organizations in the world. And their slogans are a big part of that. From “Children in a World at War” to “Every Child Deserves a Childhood,” UNICEF’s slogans have always been powerful and impactful.

But did you know that there have been many different UNICEF slogans over the years? In fact, the organization has used dozens of different slogans since its founding in 1946. Here are just a few of the most memorable ones:

“Children in a World at War” – This was UNICEF’s first slogan and it was used during the early years of the organization when it was focused on providing relief to children affected by World War II.

“The Whole World for Children” – This slogan was used during the 1950s and 1960s as UNICEF expanded its work to include more nations and started to focus on longer-term development projects.

“Every Child Deserves a Childhood” – This slogan, which is still used today, emphasizes UNICEF’s commitment to protecting children’s rights and ensuring that every child has a safe and happy childhood.

” Innovation for a Better World for All” – This recent slogan highlights UNICEF’s work on innovative solutions to global challenges like poverty, disease, and conflict.

unicef slogan
unicef slogan

Pros and Cons of the Slogan

The Slogan: “Unite for children, end violence” has had a profound and amazing impact on children and youth globally. It has united people of all ages to help end violence against children and promote their rights. The slogan has also helped to change attitudes and behaviours towards children, making them more valued and respected members of society. The pros of this slogan are clear, but there are also some potential cons that should be considered.

On the positive side, the slogan has helped to raise awareness about the issue of violence against children and has inspired people to take action to prevent it. It has also created a sense of solidarity among those who care about this issue, uniting them behind a common cause. Furthermore, the slogan has been successful in reaching out to young people and engaging them in the fight against violence.

On the negative side, some have criticized the slogan for being too general and not specific enough about what needs to be done to end violence against children. Additionally, while the slogan has succeeded in raising awareness about the issue, it remains to be seen whether it will lead to lasting change.

How the Slogan has impacted Children and Youth in 2020

The Slogan “Be the Change” has impacted a lot of children and youth in 2020. They have started to become more aware of the things happening around them. They are also more vocal about the things they believe in and are not afraid to stand up for what is right. This slogan has given them the confidence to express themselves and be who they are.


The Unicef slogan, “For every child, a better world” has been a beacon of hope in 2020 for children and youth around the world. This inspiring message has inspired people to take action and stand up for those who have few resources or access to basic rights. In this time of uncertainty, we can all be thankful that Unicef’s mission is still alive; hoping for a better future where every child has an equal chance at success. Despite the challenges faced during these trying times, it continues to serve as an important reminder that there is still so much work to be done when it comes to protecting vulnerable populations and ensuring their safety and well-being.

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