The Best of Sub Saharan African DNA And Reality of Life in Rural Areas In 2000s

The Best of Sub Saharan African dna and Reality of Life in Rural Areas in 2000s. In many Sub Sahara African dna countries, a rural life is more natural than its urban counterpart lifestyle. The people in the rural settings tend to be more natural than their urban counterparts, and for those with enough food tend to lead a healthier life, for they eat natural food staff as compared to manufactured ones for those living in the urban. Thus it is indeed possible that life in the rural settings is more attractive, natural, health and with lots of other complements.

Rural setting preserves culture -Sub Saharan African dna

In the rural areas, they tend to preserve their cultures pretty well as they are not much exposed to globalization, no much interaction with the outside world, even though, currently things are changing at a higher pace. The agent of such  changes is revolution in the communication sector which is being propelled by the internet. It is true that in the rural life, people tend to be more natural and to have their cultures preserved.

World is fast changing -Sub Saharan African dna

However, things are changing very fast as the world keeps on evolving. The internet is very much revolutionizing the world and the cultures; more and more people are becoming homogeneous. It is great to have people different with their cultures, when we let them have same or so much similar culture we lose a great deal to world heritage. Let people be different and harvest more wealth out of  it.

Sub Saharan African dna
Sub Saharan African dna

The rural life is natural as the air that people breath in and out is clean since it is not polluted by smoke from the factories which are increasing in an alarming stage in the urban life, and the water is also clean, vehicles too emit huge amount of smoke when you compare with other pollutant agents. For those who prefer living in quite spaces, the rural setting is ideal for them. Life over there is calm and serene; there are much struggles. The rural setting could be more fitting for individuals who tend to be introvert; as these individuals find their energies within them different from extrovert who find their energy from out side.

Rural people help each other – Sub Saharan African dna

The people lead a cooperative life as they help each other in almost all daily activities.  Remember this value is taken from the traditions societies that have been handled down through oral tradition and practice too. A cooperative kind of life is possible in the rural because most people know each other well and thus could run to each other’s assistance. Does the support that people in the rural render to each other suggest the sharing of poverty? This is an interesting theme that needs enough time and thus this would be a discussion for another day.


Sub Saharan African dna
Sub Saharan African dna

More social services needed -Sub Saharan African dna

Despite the many good values and traditions about the rural areas, there are many great requirements that are needed in the rural areas for human development and wellbeing. The rural people or rural life needs as much as it is needed in the urban life as well. Here are some of the major needs and infrastructure that rural Africa  should have them they are many, however, here is a list that include them. the list is long however, here are some of those needed:

1. Roads
2. Health facilities
3. Education facilities
4. Water
5. Source of income
6. Markets for their crops
7. Electricity
8. Sanitation
9. Housing

The list is long and may go on in a number of books. It should be said that the rural life has its values that need to be preserved and be used as a reminder; that is when people in the urban settings forget about their values and tradition could then retreat to the villages to acquire the necessary values.

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