The Faith and Wealth Management In Africa



The Faith and Wealth Management In Africa; The rural areas in Africa are well known for their characteristics of natural resources, organic foods, and poverty. Moreover, people in the rural settings involve themselves mainly with agriculture as their source of food staff and income generating activity and a source of wealth. Agriculture provides for food and income, however it is still mechanical; employing a lot of time in cultivating a small piece of land and with little modern farming techniques only to produce subsistence results.

It is through the same agriculture that people make their money which is mainly spent on a number of important needs. The money is spent on school fees, buying supplemental food staff, constructing modern houses, and for others increasing the number of spouses. Thus, Agriculture is one of the most common means of people making their income. The fascinating means that some rural people use in increasing their income include the following: traditional healing, traditional experts, fortune tellers, witch doctors and witch hunters.

Wealth management
Wealth management

1. Traditional healers – Wealth Management

These are people who heal the sick by using mainly parts of trees in most case roots of various. The traditional healers normally inherit this knowledge from their grandparents or parents. Others acquire the knowledge by buying, and others obtain it through special missions and means such as dreams. They offer this service in exchange for a fee paid for the same, and so this becomes a source of income to healers.

2. Traditional experts – Wealth Management

In most African rural settings some people from some cultures continue with some form of initiation practices. These initiations are used as the rights of passages from one age group to another. Some of the rights of passage include male and female circumcision, hunting and killing fierce animals and on and on. Some of these practices have been condemned by several governments as they are not hygienic enough. These practices are conducted or carried out by traditional experts only; as not everybody can give instructions on how the practices should be carried out. This becomes another source of income to a specialized group of individuals.

3. Fortune tellers

Lady luck smiles to people of every race, culture, and faiths. Some people are more vigilant than others. The more vigilant and prepared individuals in terms of information seize the opportunities and benefits of their luck. The less vigilant persons, who are equally lucky but fail to read the signs of time to benefit from lady luck, require fortune tellers to assist them. The fortune-tellers, just like traditional specialists, claim to possess the said powers through the infusion of supernatural being(s) or to have inherited from their forefathers in most cases their grandpa or grandma. The fortune-tellers render service to the needy after receiving payment which could be in cash or kind.

4. Witch doctors

Wealth Management; Witch doctors are different from traditional healers in the sense that the witch doctors claim to be seers and that could tell people of those who make them suffer. Whereby the traditional healers heal people by using traditional herbs without setting people into conflicts. Witch doctors make money through this service. The witch doctors are fast losing grounds because of two reasons: one most people nowadays go for medical treatment in the dispensaries found in the rural areas thanks to government efforts to provide medical services to the rural settings. Two witch doctors activities are being discouraged as they put people in conflicts. People in most cases of the same family find themselves in a family fight!

Now you know the wealth and faith in the continent; you too can contribute in wealth for improving other people’s lives.

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