The number 1 Purpose of Human Person’s Life

The purpose of life

The number 1 Purpose of Human being’s Life. The pur pose of human being’s life. Philosophers over the ages have argued about the pur pose of life. There are as many propositions about the pur pose of life as you have the number of philosophers. Moreover, the idea of the pur pose of life is not only a philosophical subject but also an important matter in religion.


In religion, the pur pose of life is associated with the belief in a super natural being called by different names in different cultures. In English, the most powerful of all beings, the most loving, and with all other good attributes lead to the highest order known as God. Most religious beliefs believe and suggest that the ultimate pur pose of life is to serve God. To serve God through our fellow human beings. I like this understanding. When one takes the ten commandments that are professed by all monotheistic faith, then you realise that this argument makes sense.

The proposition is we serve God through our fellow human beings. The last seven commandments, which account for 70% of all the commandments, discuss about the relationship of man with his fellow man. The argument goes on that is at the end of life here on Earth, human beings who will have observed the commandments will then be united with God. Thus the purpose of life here on Earth is to live well with our fellow human beings in line with the last seven commandments. The said commandments include:

Ten Commandments

Honour your father and your mother.
You shall not kill.
You shall not commit adultery.
You shall not steal.
You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife.
You shall not covet your neighbor’s goods.

These last seven commandments are a guideline on how to live well with fellow human beings. These commandments second the argument that we serve God through our fellow human beings. And thus, as a pur pose of life, I guess it makes sense to some readers out there including you.



Philosophers, on the other hand, have their own understanding on the pur pose of life. Aristotle argues that the pur pose of life is to attain happiness. Happiness as the pur pose of life, I guess, is a good proposition. I assume that this happiness is obtained through observance of the last seven commandments. Nobody attains happiness through pain inflicted on others. Philosophers and biologists have told us that we human beings are rational/ intelligent beings.

Being intelligent beings; it follows logically that we are destined to become knowledge creators. Alexis Kagame, an African philosopher from Rwanda, argues from that point of view, and I guess you too support his thinking. Contemplating on Kagame’s view, I am pursued to subscribe to this school of thought. We human beings are intelligent and free beings. We use the intelligence in us to make the choices we want in life.

It is intelligence and freedom that impose responsibility to us, on whatever we do on Earth. This understanding rules out the thinking that God has planned everything for you. If that were to be the case then that means people wouldn’t be held accountable for their dealings in whatever they do in life; but for sure, we know that in practical life people are held responsible and that they are conscious of the fact. This is necessary for you to keep in mind that you are responsible for whatever you do on Earth because you are a free intelligent being.


Therefore, the purpose and the common goal of all human beings is to live as a happy, free and fulfilled. To live such a life one has to decide on what they want in life. One needs to be conscious of the choices they make in their life.

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