Poverty Meaning And Best 5 Techniques To End It.


Poverty Meaning; Best 5 techniques to end rural poverty in Africa. Rural Poverty is rampart in most developing countries including those in Africa. This situation is not permanent, it can be ended. Ancient philosophers and even current ones argue there is no a permanent situation in life except change. That means everything in life changes. That being the case then it is change that is permanent. Since change is permanent, it follows then that poverty in African is not permanent.

As much as poverty is not permanent it does not mean that it go away just like that; it requires work to be done. That means Africa leaders are capable of making poverty a thing of the past and witness African people walk out of poverty and start enjoying the benefits and large resources found in their countries. Most African countries diverse types of resources that the people of the continent need them to develop and great use of their life even within their own countries.

Stop Migration

A number of african people have been caught as they tried to run away from their countries of origin. When asked most of them argue they run away due to life hardships in their countries of origin. Why do they go to their dream countries? They go there because they have been told of the beauty of those countries by their friends who made it to the land of honey and milk.

Poverty meaning
Poverty meaning

Poverty literature

The literature on poverty meaning found and affirmed that 96 percent of all poor people in many African countries live in the rural areas, and these people rely on agriculture for their livelihoods. These countries have the possibility of ending poverty. Poverty in the developing countries could be ended through industrialization. Thus, if industrialisation and, consequently, poverty reduction are to take place in developing countries, then rural development through agricultural revolution is inevitable.

Education – Poverty Meaning

Moreover, education is another tool that should be used to address poverty in the developing countries. Studies reveal that the population with post-secondary education in Africa is minimal when compared to other regions of the world. Moreover, the quality of education in many African countries is poor thus failing to impart competitive and innovative knowledge and skills to students who are the future labour force. Investors have difficulties in finding personnel with competitive skills needed in investors’ enterprises.

Investment in Education -Poverty Meaning

Thus investing in education will be one of the most brilliant idea to liberate both the youth and the many African countries. The type of education that the African countries should invest on should be pragmatic kind of education. Let the continent invest more on technical education which will empower the countries and their labour force with skills that lead the youth to producing tangible products and many young people will be employed in the manufacturing industry.

Education for self reliance – Poverty Meaning

One sure way to take rural Africans out of poverty is through education of self-reliance. The people in the rural areas need to be educated on how they can move out of poverty. The rural people need not be told about hard work. They are among the hard workers in the world and yet they are among the poorest. The people in rural Africa work hard but yet they remain poor because they lack some important skills. 

The rural people in Africa need only techniques on how to succeed and they will be fine. When the African people are empowered with the skills on how to become successful then the whole continent will be liberated from poverty. Once rural farmers graduate from poverty then the whole continent is saved and poverty will be a thing of the past.

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