Top 10 Most Educated Countries in the World

Here is a list of top 10 most educated countries in the world. It is well known that education is such an important tool in any country of the world.

  1. Canada
  2. Russia
  3. Japan
  4. Luxembourg
  5. Korea, South
  6. Israel
  7. The United States
  8. Ireland
  9. British Empire
  10. Australia

One Canada – educated countries

In 2022, Canada surpasses all other nations in terms of education levels. The estimated population of Canada as of February is 38,257,001. 60% of Canadians are literate, according to OECB.

Although a significant portion of persons in Canada hold tertiary degrees, the OECD reports that just a small percentage hold advanced degrees. Nearly 89% of persons in Canada have been able to complete their secondary school. 

Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, once referred to education as the country’s most valuable resource.


Two Russia — educated countries

According to the OECD, Russia is the second most educated nation in the world. The country has 145,805,947 inhabitants and a literacy rate of 56.70 percent. They are deserving of being ranked second due to this.

Despite having a highly educated populace, Russia continues to spend surprisingly less on higher education than the OECD average.

Most educational services are provided by the government, which controls education through the Ministry of Education and Science. On the other hand, regional administrations control education within their spheres of influence within the existing framework of federal regulations.


Three Japan- educated countries


The vast majority of Japanese people are literate in both reading and writing. Japan is the third most educated nation in the world with a literacy rate of 52.70 percent. Japan is home to 125,584,838 people.


The primary educational institutions in Japan are six-year elementary schools, three-year junior high schools, and three-year high schools. These institutions are followed by two- or three-year junior colleges or four-year colleges. Elementary and junior high school students must complete 9 years of mandatory education.

educated countries
educated countries

Four Luxembourg- educated countries


According to the OECD, Luxembourg has a population of 642, 371 and a literacy rate of 51.30 percent. The proportion of participating adults who are enrolled in non-job-related education is one of the highest in the nation. 

The master’s degree is the most prevalent degree held among adults in the nation with postsecondary education. Luxembourg has a bilingual education system that includes primary, secondary, and higher education.  Most public schools are free and run by the government.  From the age of four to sixteen, attendance at school is required.


Five South Korea- educated countries


The world’s fifth most educated nation is South Korea. The population of South Korea is 51,329,899, and the literacy rate is 50.70 percent.

At the primary and tertiary levels of education, South Korea spends more on education than the OECD average, according to the organization. 

Additionally, private expenditure at the tertiary level is substantially higher than governmental expenditure.


Six Israel- educated countries


Israel, which has an estimated population of 8,922,892 and a literacy rate of 50.10 percent, is ranked sixth on the OECD’s list of the world’s most educated nations. Despite having the same literacy rate, the nation is just one spot ahead of the United States in the list of the world’s most educated nations.


Seven: The United States of America – educated countries


The top universities in the world are consistently dominated by American institutions. More than five of the top 10 colleges in the world are found in the United States. The United States is ranked seventh most educated country in the world in 2022 despite having some of the greatest educational institutions in the world. 334,805,269 people live in the United States, and its literacy rate is 50.10 percent.


Eight : Ireland – educated countries


With a population of 5,020,199 and a literacy rate of 49.90%, Ireland is the next most educated nation in the world. From the age of six to sixteen, or until students have finished three years of second-level education, including one sitting of the Junior Certificate examination, all children in Ireland are required to attend school. 

Primary education often begins between the ages of four and five. Depending on parental preferences, kids often participate in a Junior Infant class at age four or five. Some schools have minimum age criteria for enrollment that include being four years old by a certain date.


Nine: United Kingdom – educated countries


There are 68,497,907 people living in the UK, and its literacy rate is 49.40%. As the most educated nation in the world in 2022, this places it at ninth place. 

Primary education, secondary education, further education, and higher education make up the four main components of the UK’s educational system. 

Primary and secondary education, which lasts from roughly the age of 5 until the student is 16 years old, is required for children in the UK by law.


Ten: Australia – educated countries

Australia rounds out the top 10 most educated nations in the world with a population of 26,068,792 and a literacy rate of 49.30%.

In Australia, the first six years of school are spent in primary education (years 1-6), and the next six are spent in high school (years 7-12). Students typically start primary education at age 5 and graduate from high school at around 17 or 18. Depending on the state or territory and the year of birth, education in Australia is required between the ages of four, five, or six and fifteen, sixteen, or seventeen.

conclusion – educated countries

To conclude our article let us remind ourselves that education is indeed the most important tool that one requires to liberated citizens in their country. And we should know that our world is made up of collection of contrasts. Most nations have a sizable population of educated people. On the other hand, a sizeable portion of the populace in certain other nations lacks education. 

There is a glaring disparity in educational attainment around the globe. Canada, Russia, Japan, Luxembourg, and South Korea are ranked as the top 5 most educated nations in the world by the OECD.



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