Best 5 Obligations For Rural Youth On Attaining UNICEF Internship Opportunities


UNICEF Internship; As the world’s leading organization for children, UNICEF provides unique internship opportunities for young people to gain valuable experience in the fields of child rights, humanitarian action, and international development. However, with great opportunities come great responsibilities. In this essay, we will discuss the top five obligations that youth must fulfill upon being granted UNICEF internship opportunities.

Uphold the Principles of UNICEF

Firstly, it is the responsibility of every intern to embody the values and principles of UNICEF. This means upholding the rights of every child, promoting gender equality, and respecting diversity. UNICEF interns must demonstrate an unwavering commitment to the organization’s mission, vision, and core values.

Ready to Learn

Secondly, interns must show a willingness to learn and adapt to new environments. UNICEF internships offer unique opportunities to work in different parts of the world, often in challenging contexts. As such, interns must be open and receptive to new cultures, languages, and ways of working. They must possess a curious and inquisitive mind, always eager to learn and grow.


UNICEF Internship
UNICEF Internship

Thirdly, UNICEF interns must be proactive and take initiative in their work. The organization operates in fast-paced, high-pressure environments where every second counts. Interns must be able to think on their feet, take ownership of their work, and deliver results in an efficient and effective manner. This requires strong problem-solving skills, creativity, and resourcefulness.

Team Work

Fourthly, interns must be able to work collaboratively with others. UNICEF is a team-based organization that values diversity of thought, experience, and expertise. Interns must be able to work effectively with colleagues from different backgrounds, disciplines, and cultures. They must be able to communicate their ideas clearly and concisely, actively listen to others, and provide constructive feedback.

Professionalism and Integrity

Finally, UNICEF interns must adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. They must maintain confidentiality, avoid conflicts of interest, and uphold ethical principles in all their interactions. They must respect the laws, regulations, and policies of UNICEF and the host country. They must also be accountable for their actions and decisions.

unicef internship
unicef internship

UNICEF Internship In Africa

UNICEF has been striving to improve the quality of life for children in various parts of the world for many years, primarily by providing them with better healthcare, education, and access to clean water and sanitation facilities. One can gain first-hand experience of this noble work by undertaking an internship with UNICEF in Africa. UNICEF interns in Africa are given the opportunity to assist in various program initiatives aimed at improving the lives of children in the region.

UNICEF internships are designed to provide an engaged and immersive learning experience for students and recent graduates. Interns usually work alongside staff members and contribute to various facets of UNICEF’s work. In Africa, interns can be assigned to various programs such as education, health, nutrition, water, sanitation and protection programs. An intern’s responsibilities would depend on their skills, background, and the program they are attached to.

Interning with UNICEF in Africa is an opportunity to not only witness the impact of UNICEF’s work but also to contribute to it in meaningful ways. UNICEF internships are highly competitive and sought after, with a significant number of students and recent graduates applying to be part of this noble cause. Interns who excel in their work have the chance to convert their internship into a career, as they get exposure to insights and viewpoint that help one make informed decisions about career choices and inspire them to contribute to the global community over time.


In conclusion, UNICEF internships offer young people a unique opportunity to gain valuable experience, make a difference in the world, and develop their skills and knowledge. However, with great opportunities come great responsibilities. UNICEF interns must embody the organization’s values, be willing to learn and adapt, take initiative, work collaboratively, and uphold the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. By fulfilling these obligations, youth can not only contribute to the work of UNICEF but also develop themselves as global citizens and future leaders.


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