Unicef Spenden and Infrastructure Improvement Vs People’s Living Standards in 2000s

People’s living standards.


Unicef Spenden and Infrastructure Improvement Vs People’s Living Standards in 2000s. Unicef Spenden People’s living standards. People’s socio-economic development is contributed by a number of factors. In economics, the literature suggests several theories and approaches to use so as to liberate a human person and enable him attain higher living standards. The current theory suggested is about people having the capabilities to making their own choices in life; that is being able to decide as to which action is more meaningful  and important to them than others.

Unicef Spenden
Unicef Spenden

A government in any state has the mandate of facilitating the situation for people to be able to make their decisions. Government has the role of preparing or constructing the infrastructure for people to have improved means of communication, transportation, health system, education and on and on. All the said infrastructure and those that are not mentioned here have the task and role of facilitating people’s development as they wish it to be in their own ways.


A town in my country has a coastal village known as Msangamkuu it is found a few kilometers away from Mtwara city center. To reach the village one of the easiest means is to go by ferry. The inhabitants have been travelling by using local boats for ages.


However,  recently  the village received a new ferry replacing the old ones; the new ferry is indeed a great salvation to the people of that area of the town. For those who have not been to Mtwara, Msangamkuu is to Mtwara what Kigamboni is for Dar es Salaam in Tanzania on what Manhattan is to New York in USA. The introduction of this new ferry is great salvation to the people in the area.


The old traditional ferries, such as the one above, used to serve the purpose as they transported people and their goods across the Indian ocean. From the picture above, one can see passengers with their small belongings being transported. Such ferries were less secure in the waters. Introduction of a new ferry means a lot to the population; some of the benefits associated with advent of the new ferry include:


1. Economical
2. Social
3. Security


Economical and Unicef Spenden

From the economical point of view, the new ferry is expected to improve greatly the economic activities of the people. The inhabitants of Msangamkuu are now assured of the transport during any time of the day; they can plan and execute their activities efficiently. This infrastructure enables them to make good decisions as regards to their economic activities that they carry out in the region. The service is given up to some early hours of the night and so the people can be able to function effectively in their socio economic activities.

Social and Unicef Spenden

The ferry is going to be of extraordinary importance to the people of both ends Msangamkuu and Mtwara municipal. This improved transport can take people to their destinations on time. Pupils and students can manage to attend lessons in their schools in time. The patients can be taken with easy to the referral hospital in time for help and more treatment and expertise in the municipal hospital. Indeed, improved infrastructure facilitates with certitude people’s increase in choice making for development.


Security and Unicef Spenden

The secured and large ferry guarantees more security to the passengers than before. The guarantee in passengers’ security leads to effectiveness in their socio-economic activities which in turn improves government revenue and thus improving citizens social services. This situation could also help improve the cost of living, Mtwara is said to be a costly town to live in. Being connected with the central business district enables the population to trade with each other with easy.

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