What are 5 top problems that Africa is facing?

What are 5 top problems that Africa is facing. Africa is one of the continents on Earth. The continent houses 54 countries. The continent is taken by the international community as synonymous to poverty. Africa is regarded as a poor continent despite the so much natural resources that found in the continent. Africa at times is contradiction; the people are poor despite the wealth in natural resources. The question here is what causes poverty and problems in the continent. There are could be several causes of poverty but in this article I present only five.


Food Insecurity

The continent is relatively young in the sense that most countries in it became independent only recently. The continent is also characterized by a young population as her population is mostly youthful. The continent is in need of sufficient food to feed her population. Despite this reality, Africa, in most cases, faces food shortage. Africa faces food shortage despite huge water bodies that would used for irrigation. It is in the continent that Lake Victoria, Nyasa, and huge rivers such as the Nile, Malagarasi, Kagera, Orange to mention but just a few. The waters in the body water masses could be used for irrigation for production of food for the African people and beyond.



The continent faces the problem of insecurity. This situation of insecurity is found in all corners of the continent. This situation is currently characterized by conflict in the East: the Ethiopian problem. In the West there are conflicts in Burkina Faso and in other countries in the region. In the North, the continent is characterized by internal problems in Libya after the fall and death of Gadhafi. In central Africa, there are problems going in the country. Conflicts in the continent hinder people from carrying out their daily economic activities.


Education issues

While education answers to most problems facing individuals; in Africa education is either a theoretical: that is passing mere information instead of real pragmatic knowledge. And a large number of the population does not have access to practical and liberating education. Education if it is well used in the continent it has the capability of liberating her population and take the continent out of poverty. Therefore, African leaders need to address the question of the type of education it gives to the people.



Poverty is the situation whereby an individual fails to meet their basic needs. The people fail to have access to food, shelter, clothing and other important needs that are necessary in their daily life. Poverty, in some instances, is felt so hard that people fail to meet their most basic needs. In the continent, there are areas where people have no access to clean and safe water. There are areas in the continent where there are no passable roads. People have no access to electricity and so they can not afford access to quick and reliable information. The list goes on…



A leader is a person who shows the way to his/her people to follow. There is a litany of qualities of a good leader. A good leader is a person who dares to make decisions quickly, he does not fear to make decisions as he can correct them when he is wrong. A good leader is an honest person who has the interest of his people in his heart and does what the people need to see their leader do for the progress of their country. Moreover, a good leader is a person who has moral authority. These are some of the qualities that good leaders in the continent are expected to possess them. Africa does not have many leaders with such qualities and thus it becomes difficult for the continent to progress.



To conclude the matter we suggest that the continent addresses such issues so as to graduate out of poverty, otherwise the continent will continue to lag behind the rest of the continents and that the people of the continent will continue to be a market of developed economies goods.

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