The “WHAT” or “WHY” of Your Life Purpose?

What is your life Purpose

Life; What is your life Purpose. Knowing the purpose of life is such a noble thing. Aristotle argues that the purpose of living is Happiness! What is the purpose of your living here on Earth, why are you born? I think we agree that nobody is born accidentally; every human person on Earth has value.


Some motivation speakers have put emphasis on some important questions such as who am I, what can I do, what is the purpose of my existence, and so on and so forth. Answers to these questions need quality time of reflection and contemplation.

What is life purpose?

Simon Sinek author of “Start with Why” argues the why of what you want to do in your living style should come first before doing that what in your living. Why do I exist should be the first thing for us ponder and then look for whats and hows to accompany that why. Interviewing some university students on their future career they mention what they are interested on doing and is indeed encouraging. When interviewing students on their career, as said earlier, they mention without much difficulties. The problem comes when they are why do they choose a particular career. The observation is most of them do not have a clear reason as to why they propose a given career in their lives.


Students and other members of society especially youth need input on why they should choose or select certain careers. The bookHow To Think As University Student” shades some light on the matter and would very much encourage you to grab your copy for deepening understanding on the matter.

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