Teenagers in your Country.

Teenagers in your Country. Teenage is a stage in a life of a person where an individual does a lot of things both good and less good. It is a period of time where most of these young fellows are not that responsible.  Most of these fellows are still under the care of their parents or guardians. That being the case, they can then get involved in a lot of activities that are irresponsible. Others could already be showing their maturity in experimenting their talents and abilities and talents.

Teenage is indeed a period of time in a life of a human person that is most cherished. This is the period that people learn in most cases through or by mistakes. It is the time allowed for young people to make a lot of errors so long as they are ready to learn from them. It is at this stage that one should fall as many times and still wakes up to move on.

Some young people find that this is the right moment for them to party, to make new friends, to travel, to explore new things, to go hiking, to listen to music, to eating and drink and even overdoing it. For those who are more serious it is the moment to discover their talents and build on life long careers from there.
For other young people it is the time to discover their life long partners. Some meet with their life soul mates with whom they will build their future together and see themselves live and get old together. In East Africa many young people are following the footsteps of some  youth who have become successful in their talents in music, football and in many other educative – entertainment industry.

In a nutshell this is the most colourful period of life for all human beings who live up to that moment. But this moment needs to be taken care of because if one chooses wrongly then they risk to suffer for the rest of their life as a consequence of their bad choice. Therefore, youth both in urban and in rural settings should indeed be careful when making their choices during this period of life…


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