What A lesson Do You pick From a Hen and a Cow!

Hen and Cow lesson

Hen and Cow Lesson. Living beings are of different make ups. There are as many beings as you have never imagined. In the world there many species of beings in those different beings. As there are different kinds of beings, and so there are different characteristics in those beings.


In this piece I invite you to examine the behavior of two different beings; a hen and a cow. A cow is a mammal; it gives birth to a living baby. A hen is a bird in the family of birds; it lays eggs.


A hen lays an egg per day and in some days it does not at all. Experts say it is so because of it biological make up as an egg needs enough time to be prepared. What I invite you to observe about a hen is about its behavior of laying eggs.


When a hen lays an egg; it makes a lot of noise. Depending on how you look at it. To one it could mean making of noise to the people around, whereas to others it could mean that a hen is an informer. The moment it lays an egg; it cries, shouts, informing people that it has laid an egg.


The behavior of a cow is the opposite of a hen. It produces several liters of milk per day and yet it does not make the noise that a hen does. It does not shout or cry as does the hen. The two beings are different and so are their make ups. One would say a hen lays an egg when it is all alone where as the cow needs assistance to produce the milk it does and so it has no need of informing anybody as the shepherd is the one who milks the cow.

My question to you is what behaviour would you prefer that of a hen or that of a cow? The choice is all yours. The image in this article portrays a cat that sees itself as a lion; this is an important attitude to success in life. How do you look at yourself when it comes to issues in life?

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