Why the rural population is in such manner?

The Rural Population

The Rural Population. Studies have established with certitude that most poverty is found in rural areas of countries. Recommendation from the same studies have proposed strategies in ending rural poverty if at all the world is experience equality among the people. International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is specialized in rural development. in their introductory page of their official website, they have this little article which I find to be useful.


The starting point for a world without poverty and hunger, is the rural world. An estimated 3.4 billion people – around 45 per cent of the global population – live in the rural areas of developing countries.

Most depend on small, family farms for their income and sustenance. Rural people grow the food that feeds their nations, but they are also disproportionately poor: 80 per cent of the women, children and men living in extreme poverty live in rural areas, not cities.

Investing in rural people is a long-term solution to so many of the problems we face today. Hunger, poverty, youth unemployment and forced migration – all have deep roots in rural areas; and all can be vastly improved through investing in small-scale agriculture and inclusive rural development.

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